Enecogen uses the latest developments in automation. That makes our gas plant as a working environment very interesting.

We are a small and well-organized organization with a lot of opportunity for professional and personal development. We are happy to offer our people the space to follow training courses. We like to have employees who use that space, look beyond their own areas of responsibility and think along about the development of themselves and our company.

Enecogen consists of more than 40 enthusiastic and proud employees and we are still growing.

Are you interested in our world, do you have the right qualifications, do you want to play a role in the energy transition and work at a young power plant for which an important position in the energy system is set aside in the coming decades? Maybe you will join our team!

Enecogen has good primary and secondary employment conditions, including an irregularity allowance, consignment scheme, net travel allowance, year-end bonus, an extra ’13th month’ payment and a bonus scheme. The CAO PLB (production and supply companies) applies.