Enecogen responds to and utilises the very latest automation developments, which makes our gas-fired power plant a very interesting place to work.

We are a small, well-organised company that likes to encourage our people to develop, at both a professional and personal level – via courses, for example. Our employees seize this opportunity, look beyond their own areas of responsibility and share their ideas on how both they and our company could develop.

Enecogen currently has about 40 enthusiastic and proud employees and is continuing to grow. If you are interested in our industry, have the qualifications we are looking for and would like to play a role in the energy transition process and work at a modern power plant that will form an important part of the energy system in the decades ahead: you could be the perfect addition to our team!

Enecogen is pleased to offer employees good pay and benefits, including an irregular hours allowance, on-call arrangement, net travel allowance, end-of-year bonus and bonus scheme. The CLA Energy production and supply companies (CAO PLB) applies.


The Operators areĀ  the 24/7 active in the control room, and are in contact with the Technicians and customers. You are alert every watch. Watching, listening, experiencing. The more you walk around, the more you get to know the character of the plant. There are security systems everywhere, as soon as 1 goes off you have to determine a strategy. You do everything to deliver the promised power to the grid. After a shift of 8 hours you transfer the plant, there is a new team in the driving seats. You know everyone by name, the lines are short, you form one close team. By participating in challenging projects you work on innovative installations and techniques. A unit normally runs 3,000 rpm. During a major stop you see, after months of preparation, the fine details and the technology behind it. As an operator, you are really working on the entire process.


The Maintenance Team consists of 13 employees: divided into 5 EC&I Technicians and 4 Mechanical Technicians.
Each team is led by a Team Leader. In good cooperation with the engineers, they ensure the optimal availability of the process installations so that the continuity, quality and safety of energy production is guaranteed.


As an engineer at Enecogen you are a spider in the web, you are part of a committed and dynamic organization with a great team of colleagues.
As an engineer you are looking for improvements in a broad spectrum and monitor the reliability, availability and performance of the installation. You are a source of information or driving force for various engineering projects, including conversion of high-voltage installations, implementation of new instrumentation and scoping document control (documentation/validation/management). As an IT professional, you ensure that the high and low voltage installations are optimally managed and operated.